Ever Been Told You're Too Much? Us Too. How We're Putting It To Good Use!

I have so much respect for this woman. At a time of the year when many people are easing or excusing their way into the new year, not her.

On paper, my friend Miki and I seem very different:

  • She lives in beautiful Northwest Idaho
    • (a no-traffic-light kinda town)
  • She's a married mama of 6, including 2 in diapers
    • (not because she's slacking in the potty training department -- they were simply born that close together after a disheartening 5-year infertility gap)

But we're both wellness-enthusiast
businesswomen cut from a very similar cloth.

An often misunderstood cloth:

We're both naturally assertive, bold women who are motivated by a challenge (especially a FUN challenge)! Sure, we have tender sides and caring hearts. But that person you're afraid to talk to? We'll b-line without a flinch.

That thing you think can't be done? We'll at least try to find a way (and yes, we'll probably delight a bit in proving you wrong). We're, as our friend Kayla Howard put it: "SPUNKY."

(Sound like someone
you know, too?)

I used to feel guilty for this.
Often told I was "too much."
Often told to quiet down.

Which, granted, there's a time and place for that, too, out of respect. But subtly, incrementally, I let shame shrink me down: Like a thoroughbred racehorse turned -- tamed -- into a carnival pony-ride.

And then I went somewhere
that enlivened dry bones...
...where LIFE was spoken
over my natural desire to
lead, and my supernatural
design for boldness and fun.

Man's "too much" was
actually our Maker's enough:
Giving us enough of
what we would need to
run & co-lead, love & free.

And this month, Miki and I -- both of us previously boxed in by low energy and less hope or beaten down by mixed cultural messages (faith- and non-faith-based) -- are spurring (and sparring) as teammates.

We're giving it our all
before the year gives out.
And we're doing it so we
can give back more:

We're unapologetically, beautifully competing this month for a year-end promotion in our world-famous wellness company (she's #1840356 -- and I'm #1743386). If one of us loses, there is a cost.

But there's also a greater cost: 
Because we're also doing it
to support Hope for Justice.

Here's how this is going down:

Every person (perhaps even you) that we would be honored to serve this month -- whether it's:

You'll be helping make a difference, while putting a dent in the intolerable injustice that is human trafficking. And yes, in the process you'll be supporting one of two side-hustling, job-creating, people-loving businesswomen:

Be it the:

  • hard-working mama of 6 from Idaho, who no longer escapes through mind-numbing naps because she has energy again (#1840356), or

  • boot-strapping single gal from PA, who no longer numbs her feelings of hopelessness with post-op painkillers (#1743386).

Make a difference now:
1. Jot down one of the
two women's numbers
above, and 2. START HERE >

Already on one of our teams?
Be sure to ask about Kayla's 
special thank-you gift for you 
(before you shop this month).


Thank you, Miki,
for being "too much"
with me! You inspire me,
"Enemama"! (hehe)


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