{WRITING} No More Wordpress: Why I Now Blog Through Shopify

I first started blogging (wow) 13+ years ago.

(If I remember correctly, my debut into digital diary-keeping was on Xanga.) In the years since, I've used at least four different platforms. And now, my fifth: Shopify!

Which also goes to show you that you don't have to obsess and stress over picking the one platform you're going to use for the rest fo your writing life, FOR-E-VER. (Cue The Sandlot clip!)


Why all the changes through the years?

Two primary reasons:

1. I've grown (in understanding...and branding).
2. Blogging's grown (in options and features).

It's an exciting time for writers everywhere. I'd even go so far as saying it's the best time yet! For the willing, teachable, and diligent, it's more possible than ever to find writing work or fulfill a writing dream.

Was I dissatisfied with Wordpress.org?

No. Granted, it helped that I paired it with Bluehost. See, I started out self-taught in Wordpress website building, and can't tell you the number of times Bluehost came to my rookie-mistake rescue.

Why I switched to Shopify:

During most of my first decade online, I made the mistakes of:

  • not taking myself seriously (but expecting others to take me seriously);
  • not investing (yes, I was a freeloader, loading up on whatever was free); and
  • not creating a long-term vision that would encourage instead of erode the dream.

Then it clicked: 

I needed an eCommerce platform with a blog component. Not a blog platform with eCommerce add-ons. This is what 99.9% of people who want to make any money through writing need, too, in a site.

Is Shopify right for you?

IF you want to keep it casual and don't care about ever making a dime, ok! THEN Shopify's more than you need. (P.S. There's no shame in wanting to make that dime!)


...IF you also have dreams or goals of making writing-related content, services (i.e. freelancing), or products (i.e. books or ebooks) a viable, sustainable source of extra income or charity:

THEN I think Shopify is an excellent option that I've found EASY to use, reasonably priced, well-equipped with features that can help with online presence and great visitor experience.

To know for sure, I would: 1. Figure out what your vision actually is for why you want to be blogging, and what you honestly expect as a return. 2. Contact Shopify and ask them, or you can message me.

You've got a headstart!

Please don't think you have to go through all those same stages I went through. When I started blogging 13+ years ago, Shopify didn't exist! Certain trainings or tools didn't exist!

(Facebook didn't even exist!)

Today's teachable person who wants to help people and earn money through writing has such an advantage to save themselves time, money, and headaches in the long run...

...and that's exactly what this journey is: A long run. An amazing, exhilarating, challenging and rewarding (if you don't give up) marathon.

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