{RELATIONSHIPS} Should You Blog About Your Break-Up?

I'm the same woman who went public about having had an affair. Surely I'll vote for writing about your break-up, right?

Not quite.

Writing can be cathartic, a healthy way to help you process and release difficult emotions that can come with any break-up.

But sharing them publicly in realtime?


I'm not leery because I'm opposed to authenticity. And when I've gone through any break-up (and one in particular), the feels felt reals!

But you know what else feels real?

Kicking yourself later for something you can't un-send.

I've simply learned that publicly unpacking all that emotional baggage might not be as good of an idea as it might seem at 1 a.m.

I'm a fan of talking things out. Miscommunication is so common, especially over text (because you're missing the 93% nonverbal).

But I know that's not always possible, or both people might not be willing and ready at the same time (if ever). In which case, respect.

Here are some reasons to wait:

  • Your emotions and hormones are all over the place.

  • Even if you don't name him, people still know him.

  • What you say about them says more about you.

Here are some (safer) analog alternatives:

  • Prayer

  • Crying
  • Journaling

  • Counseling

  • Trusted friends

  • Unsent letters

Add yours to the comments!

I know how unseen your heartache might seem, but putting it on public display isn't the answer you think it'll be. The clutter of strangers' opinions in the comments section won't bring the clarity you think it will.

Even if they agree with you, those strangers' validations won't really fill the void you ultimately want whole again. Expressing feelings isn't the problem. The problem is when, how, and to whom we express them.

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