{WRITING} Which are YOU: Ol' or Whole?

The choice I finally made...
...sadly, I chose the hard way.
But YOU don't have to...

BECOME in 2019: 1️⃣ or 2️⃣

1️⃣ The Ol' Writer? 🧟‍♀️
She has a victim-mentality, waiting passively to win some writing-success "lottery" that doesn't exist. She's overcaffeinated, overworker, overstressed. And then wonders why she doesn't have the energy or mental clarity or time to write...

...like it's actually
some mystery...

She hides behind her faith or conveniently cherry-picks what her Maker teaches. She lives in fear of what people might think. She obsesses (self-centeredly) about whether or not anyone will want to read what she has to say. At the core it's about herself.

Which means she ultimately
never impacts anyone else...


2️⃣ The Whole Writer? 👩‍🎤
She has a victor-mentality, waiting actively to win because she's not deceived about the writing-success "lottery" that doesn't exist. She trains for the strength and character to carry the responsibility of success (without selling her soul or sacrificing her health). She knows that means learning simple, proven skills and using tools...

...what she doesn't know?
She knows she can learn.
It's no mystery.

She has energy and mental clarity, or is readied and already equipped with the tools when "writer's block" comes knocking, or her body begins aching. She learns to steward her time with intentionality and integrity:

Her "no" means no.
Her "yes" means yes.
Her KNOW means WORTH.

She shines in her faith, honoring His principles as much as His promises. The principles that He honors for anyone who honors them. Principles like sowing & reaping, which is as "fixed" as the law of gravity (no exception).

So she's watchful and humble, wise with what "soil" she plants herself in and which seeds she plants around her. She knows what she does, thinks, eats, uses, diffuses, in her non-writing hours, is either helping or hurting her ability to be a messenger of hope and a breaker of chains...

...and she knows that
writing is an individual
journey, but a journey
she doesn't travel alone.
She knows she needs
teaching and "tribing."

And so she chooses
the narrower path of
wholeness. Because
she knows the ol' way
only leads to emptiness...

...so what will it be for you?
1️⃣ or 2️⃣

(1️⃣s, I have a gift for you!)

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