Start Write Here (Upgraded Bundle)

Start Write Here (Upgraded Bundle)

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Upgraded Bundle (for the Semi-Serious)

  • Start Write Here ebook
  • Start Write Here audiobook
  • 1-hr Literary Agent Q&A with Karen Neumair
  • 45-minute Author Q&A with Award-Winner Jocelyn Green
  • 1-hr Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Class with Rebecca Halton
  • 1 thirty-minute, personalized coaching call with Rebecca
    • recording included
    • scheduled at a time best for both
    • must be scheduled within 30 days of order

Highlights from Each Audio

Start Write Here audiobook:

  • Feel "called" to write your book?
  • Is overwhelm created equally?
  • Can you overcome overwhelm?
  • First question to ask is...
  • Top 5 reasons people tell me they want to write a book
  • Top 5 reasons people tell me they "can't" write that book
  • 8 "cans" for those "can'ts" 
  • 4 primary reasons aspiring authors feel overwhelmed
  • Let's talk about the 'p' word...
  • 11 common causes of overwhelm
  • The "biggest troublemaker" I've seen...
  • The unseen string attached: expectations

1-hr Literary Agent Q&A with Agent Karen Neumair:

  • What exactly is a literary agent?
  • What do they actually do?
  • What 5 things does Karen look for in an author?
  • Should you start with getting an agent?
  • How can you reach Karen for a sample proposal?
  • Should you already have the book written?
  • How should you approach an agent?
  • Karen's "ideal" way to meet a new author
  • The book she recommends to every writer
  • Tips for writing a query email (why no letter?)
  • What if you don't have a certain number of followers?
  • Platform building: Do you have to be on Facebook?
  • Tips for dealing with perfectionism
  • What are unrealistic expectations of an agent?
  • Who negotiates your contract or mediates issues?
  • Self-publishing? An agent's perspective.
  • Tips for dealing with rejection (which is common)
  • Major red flag(s) with a potential literary agent
  • What percentage do agents typically get paid?

45-minute Author Q&A with Award-Winner Jocelyn Green:

  • Award-winning author of 10+ books
  • Author of fiction and nonfiction books
  • Coauthor of 5 Love Languages: Military Edition
  • Tips for balancing marriage, motherhood, and writing
  • Deadlines, daily writing, and distractions
  • Why to not try editing yourself while writing at the same time
  • Tips for narrowing down a focus area for your writing
  • The dreaded paralysis by analysis...
  • The two extremes: too timid or too eager
  • Awful first drafts and tips for finding your voice
  • Jocelyn's "hardest thing" (for her writing process)
  • Loneliness in writing (and getting out of your own head)
  • Should you show friends and family? Jocelyn's tips.
  • Rebecca's confessions about not being "Superwriter"
  • Dispelling the myth of needing an English degree
  • Rules: for keeping or for breaking?
  • The one habit Jocelyn says writers must have/do
  • Sharing sensitive stories or writing about the past
  • Writing your testimony vs. writing a tell-all

1-hr Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Class with Rebecca Halton:

  • 10 important things to know about self-publishing
  • Considering WestBow Press? Rebecca's (unpaid) opinion.
  • 4 months?! Writing and releasing my first book in less than 6
  • Do you "need" a degree in writing to become an author?
  • The power of our words, the importance of writers
  • The 'b' word: What you must have for publishing
  • The much-needed reality check a friend gave Rebecca
  • What caused frustration for me with self-publishing