Start Write Here: Authorship 101 (90-Minute Live Group Class)

Start Write Here: Authorship 101 (90-Minute Live Group Class)

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Start Write Here: Authorship 101 with Rebecca Halton will help clear the clutter, simplify the process...

...and avoid common pitfalls, so you can confidently start taking the write steps!

Class Requirements:

  • No excuses
  • No excuses
  • No excuses

What's Included:

  • Live Q&A
  • Call Recording
  • Convenient Call-In
  • 90-Minute Group Session (a $147 value!)

When It is:

  • 3 - 4:30 p.m. (EST)
  • Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018
  • Log-in emailed Sat. a.m.

What You'll Need:

  • A way to take notes
  • Your phone or computer
  • on your phone or computer (it's FREE)

About Rebecca Halton:

  • Self-published her first book (a bestseller) in 2011
  • Signed with literary agency in 2014
  • Signed her first traditional book deal in 2017
  • Screwed up her first book deal in 2018
  • Has been featured worldwide
  • Bachelor's in English (Writing)
  • 10+ years' experience
  • Pro writer & freelance experience

Since becoming an author more than 7 years ago, Rebecca knows the highs and lows of becoming an author and making a living as a writer.

In this 60-minute training, she'll walk you through:

  • Why now is the best time to pursue your writing dream.
  • The secret to succeeding as an author vs. selling out.
  • Why she doesn't believe in getting an MFA or degree.
  • Important differences: self-publishing vs. traditional.
  • The simple steps any modern-day author needs to take.
  • How to set yourself apart and be sought out talent.
  • How she makes money from writing & for writing.
  • How she overcomes doubt, rejection, creative blocks.
  • How she chose her agent (and landed a book deal).
  • Common pitfalls and key mistakes she's made.
  • The #1 obstacle in most would-be authors' way.
  • Daily habits that wreck a writing dream before it starts...

...and more!

Imagine NOT having to:

  • Financially scrape or "starve" as an artist.
  • Struggle for the physical energy to write.
  • Fit your dream around your day job.

Imagine having:

  • The energy to write.
  • The creative freedom.
  • The time flexibility to write.
  • The lifestyle to write where you want.
  • The money to fund your unique dream.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you're stewarding your God-given talent well, honorably, and even biblically.

If you're the no-excuse kind who:

  • Is sick and tired of staying stuck!
  • Likes the idea having all that without being taught to sacrifice your dream, health or family in the process...

...register now before time runs out.

Excited to work with you who are seriously ready to start making progress! The world needs the unique hope or help that only your story can give!